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Creating a legacy for tomorrow by cherishing our past and
connecting with our present

Committee & Team Descriptions

Below are brief descriptions of the various team roles. Each committee, team and liaison is vital to the success of the celebration efforts. Without any one area of expertise, Celebrate Fremont cannot be successful.

Please take time to review the descriptions, find the area you would most enjoy working on, and contact the appropriate leader.

Fundraising Committee
Co-Chairpersons: Bill Eagan, Jack Rogers

The Fundraising Committee raises funds to support the efforts of Fremont's 50th Anniversary Celebration, working together with the Finance Committee to reach our targeted goal.  Their efforts are critical to raising sufficient funds to carry out the celebration efforts.

Finance Committee
Chairperson: Thomas Tang

The Finance Committee establishes the budget and works closely with the City of Fremont to maintain an ongoing financial picture of where the Celebrate Fremont Committee stands at any given time. The Finance Committee also manages the process for requesting and approving expenditures, and is the clearinghouse for donations received.  

Event Committee
Chairperson: City Councilmember Anu Natarajan

The Event Committee defines the major event in September, 2006 that reflects the community's ideas for the 50th Anniversary.  The Committee plans, programs and implements the event and outlines the resources and budget needs in collaboration with the other committees.

Gala Committee
Co-Chairpersons: Fran Stone, Maria Rogers

The Gala Committee defines the fundraising Gala event that will take place in January, 2006, kicking off the celebration year. The Committee plans, programs and implements the Gala, and outlines the resources and budget needs in collaboration with the other committees.

Marketing & Promotion Committee
Chairperson: Doug Tinney

The Marketing and Promotion Committee assures the dissemination of promotional information relating to the celebration of Fremont’s 50th anniversary to residents and media outlets, and presents a cohesive and coordinated visual presence for all related materials.

Heritage Team
Co-Chairpersons: Natalie Munn, Andy MacRae, Nydia Estrada

The Heritage Team supports and coordinates anniversary year efforts to preserve, document, and celebrate the history of Fremont. Find out more about the Heritage Team's Programs.

Future Team
Chairperson: Bernie Stewart

As part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of Fremont, the Future Team will establish a comprehensive vision of the Future of Fremont.   That vision will come from extensive citizen input and will include the physical layout as well as the character of our City.  Find out more about the Future Team's Programs.

Creative Engagement Team (Art/Sports/Food)
Co-Chairpersons: Margaret Thornberry, Gene Toy, Greg Green

The Creative Engagement Team's goal is to raise awareness of the wide range of arts and sports-oriented activities and fine dining available locally and to encourage participation in these activities during 2006.  Our purpose is to create a lasting, heightened sense of Fremont as a community. Find out more about the Creative Engagement Team's Programs.

Education Team
Co-Chairpersons: Moina Shaiq, Ivy Wu

The Education Team coordinates the participation of students at the pre-school through adult school levels in events and activities associated with Celebrate Fremont. Find out more about the Education Team's Programs.

Business and Neighborhoods Team
Co-Chairpersons: Gaby Machuca, Patty Hitchcock

Find out more about the Business and Neighborhood Team's Programs.


The Business and Neighborhood Team coordinates, and acts as liaison, with the existing business and neighborhood associations. In addition, this team establishes new alliances as necessary, for the inclusion, incorporation, and leveraging of their existing events and resources


[At the January 31, 2005 Community Meeting, Business & Neighborhoods Team Co-Chairs Gaby Machuca (left) and Barbara Jenkins display a map showing Fremont's 28 neighborhoods.]

Public Safety Support Liaison
Bob Creveling


The Public Safety Liaison provides an interface between the other Committees and the appropriate public safety agencies, and coordinates the efforts of any individual or group volunteers providing public safety support.

Parade Liaison
Jan Giovannini-Hill

The Parade Liaison provides an interface between Celebrate Fremont and the leaders of the annual Fremont Fourth of July Parade, as well as any other parades planned during the 50th Anniversary celebration year. This team ensures a smooth integration of the Celebrate Fremont program goals within all parade events in the city.

Chamber of Commerce Liaisons
Cindy Bonior, Dirk Lorenz

The Chamber of Commerce Liaison represents the Fremont Chamber of Commerce in order to share information regarding the progress of  the 50th Anniversary events.  The Liaison identifies areas in which the Chamber can assist in the 50th Anniversary celebration, and shares information with the Steering Committee regarding the anniversary programming planned within the Fremont Festival of the Arts.

Technology Liaison
Lisa Stambaugh

The Technology Liaison coordinates the electronic tools used to facilitate communication throughout the program. These tools include the website, e-mail contact addresses and e-mail distribution lists.

Library Liaison
Angela Yang

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