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Creating a legacy for tomorrow by cherishing our past and
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Oral History Project

The next Education activity will be an oral history project. For purposes of the school activity, an oral history is an account of the experiences and impressions of an individual Fremont resident recorded by a Fremont student. The subject of the interview may be a friend, a family member or anyone else who wants to talk about Fremont, whether they have lived here all their lives or are new residents. Entries may be in writing or may be recorded on audio or video tape. The committee also is accepting theatrical skits based on a Fremont resident’s account of his or her life in Fremont.

Entries are due June 7, 2006. Teachers will collect all entries for their classes and submit to FUSD (as described in the memo).

All contestants will receive a certificate of participation and the Education Team will award prizes for the best entries at various grade levels citywide. Projects will be kept to be played or displayed at the Celebrate Fremont @ the Park Festival and returned to students following the festival.

Be sure to check out the student artwork on display through May, at:

  • Fremont Main Library

  • FUSD Office, 4210 Technology Dr., Fremont

Congratulations to the following winners of Celebrate Fremont Education Grants:

Teacher School Project
Mary Doughty Oliveira Elementary School Fremont Quilt
Qiang Ma Forest Park Elementary School Foreign Language Enrichment Program History Artwork
Maria Grazia Romeo Montessori Middle School Mission San Jose Painting
Cindy Anderson Holy Spirit School History of Fremont Mixed Media Project


Education Program Overview

Announcements to FUSD Staff:

Submit your project!

Talking Points for Education Presentations

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