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Creating a legacy for tomorrow by cherishing our past and
connecting with our present

Future Vision Survey

Let us hear from you! As we celebrate Fremont’s 50th anniversary we look forward to an exciting future as well as looking back over our past.  Please help us create a united vision for the future by responding to the following questions. 





M    F

Years living in Fremont:



Please select the top three elements in each of the following categories or add your own that you see as important elements of our future:  (Please check the box for three answers per category or insert your own suggestion.)
Environment (please select only three)
Maintain “small town” feeling
Landmark downtown/Civic Center & Performing Arts Center
Develop walking and bike paths
Enhance and encourage small locally owned businesses
Local employment for residents
Family friendly design
Public Art
Open Spaces
Careful and appropriate placement of High Density Housing
Return steelhead to Alameda Creek
Affordable Housing

Education  (please select only three)
Equal distribution of school services
Strengthen facilities and programs of all schools in district
Offer more vocational training
Increase awareness of educational opportunities
After school programs
More youth programs

Entertainment  (please select only three)
Build Performing/Cultural Arts Center
Create a meeting place for the community
Recreational activities for teenagers, seniors and residents
Quality shopping
Free wireless Internet access downtown

Transportation & Communication  (please select only three)
Free bus system
Smaller buses
Smooth traffic/better roads
Extend BART to San Jose
Cross-Bay mass transportation
Central communication/information network
Consideration for elderly in transportation

Multi-Cultural Diversity  (please select only three)
Build multi-cultural center
Eliminate prejudice through building unity
Build understanding through language appreciation
Help unite community despite differences in background
Offer multi-cultural activities
 Become a community of dreamers and owners of our future

Explanation/Comments:  Use this area to explain any answers given above, if desired, or for other comments about Fremont’s future.


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Celebrate Fremont
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