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Creating a legacy for tomorrow by cherishing our past and
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Heritage Team Programs: Oral History Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Note: This project has now been completed. Thanks for joining us! The information below remains as a reference, in case anyone is interested in how the program was set up.

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If you  have questions, please contact the Heritage Team.

Q: What is “Fremont Stories”?

As part of our year-long celebration, we will be interviewing residents of Fremont to create an Oral History. The "Fremont Stories" project seeks to highlight the many faces of Fremont.

Being a merger of five former small towns into a single community with various ethnic, socio-economic and age differences, Fremont residents will learn more about what this community was like, how it has changed, and begin to discuss their hopes for the future.

We will collect personal stories from people in the community, including new immigrants and longtime residents, through oral history interviews, to document the social history of Fremont, before and after is was incorporated. This project will include the six areas of Fremont (Irvington, Niles, Centerville, Mission San Jose, Warm Springs and the Northern Plain from early 1900’s to today.

Q: How will the stories be presented to the community?

“Fremont Stories” will be presented to the community through multimedia displays at the Fremont 50th Anniversary Celebration called "Celebrate Fremont @ the Park" on September 9-10, 2006.

Q: How can I get involved?

As part of Fremont’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, we are offering a FREE Oral History Interviewer Workshop to train local residents as interviewers. Everyone has a story to bring Fremont history alive. You, as an interviewer or interviewee, can help us capture these stories!

If you are interested in participating as an interviewee, or know someone that would make a good interview participant, please submit our nomination form. Oral History interviewees may be long-time Fremont residents, or may have recently made Fremont their home. We are interested in capturing all facets of our community, and its growth since the early days.

Q: When is the next interviewer training?

We held an interviewer training session on November 12. Check back for announcements of future training sessions.

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