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Creating a legacy for tomorrow by cherishing our past and
connecting with our present

Program Overview

About Fremont’s 50th Anniversary

The city of Fremont officially came into existence on January 23, 1956. Committees are now forming and plans are developing for observance and celebration of the city’s 50th anniversary in 2006.

Our Mission

Celebrate Fremont's mission is to enhance the quality of life in the Fremont community, now and for generations to come by serving all segments of the community; promoting the vitality of nonprofit organizations, fostering volunteerism and serving as a vital resource that promotes and enhances community activities including but not limited to those civic, cultural, and educational activities that celebrate the past, present and future of Fremont.

Why You Should Join In

History buffs, book clubs, faith communities, business and professional groups, civic and service organizations, sports enthusiasts, cultural organizations, school clubs, retired people, non-profit organizations - an individual or a group, you are part of Fremont and you should be included in this celebration. You will enjoy the satisfaction of being part of the team and you will have the opportunity to partner with other people who make up your own community.

About the Founding of Fremont

The area now known as Fremont had been occupied for thousands of years by the Ohlone people and their ancestors when Spanish priests arrived from Mexico and founded Mission San Jose in 1797. After Mexico won independence from Spain in the early 1800’s, an appointed administrator divided the mission lands into four large tracts known as Rancho del Agua Caliente, Rancho Arroyo de la Alameda, Rancho Potrero de los Cerritos, and Ex-Mission San Jose.

John C. Fremont arrived in the 1840's to map a trail through Mission Pass. California’s admission to the United States and the Gold Rush stimulated further migration to the area, attracting people from all parts of the world. By 1853, the communities of Mission San Jose, Centerville, Niles, Irvington, and Warm Springs had formed themselves into Washington Township. The City of Fremont officially came into existence on January 23, 1956, when citizens of these communities voted to incorporate their towns to form a single city.

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Celebrate Fremont
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