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Heritage Team Programs: Fremont Stories Speakers Bureau

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is Fremont Stories Speakers Bureau?

A. The Celebrate Fremont Heritage Team is organizing an array of outstanding speakers who will bring life and insight to any organization's interest or celebration of Fremont’s 50th anniversary. Including one of these speakers in your organization’s regularly scheduled meetings or 50th anniversary programming will make history come alive and bring new appreciation for Fremont’s heritage and accomplishments.

Q. How long are the talks?

A. The volunteers participating in the Speakers Bureau will have prepared talks from 15min to one hour in length and will make themselves available to give public lectures and talks throughout 2006.

Q. I want to be a speaker, what next?

A. Decide what your topic(s) are and contact Fremont Stories, we’d love to have you on board!

Q. What topics will Speakers Cover?

A. Speakers will be available to speak on various topics such as the history of Fremont’s districts, civic life, our City’s historic sites, and our natural history. Some of our speakers will focus on memories of a particular era or immigrations stories of Fremont’s founding and recent immigrants.

Q. What does it cost to book a Celebrate Fremont Speaker?

A. There is no cost for speakers, but hosting organizations able to make donations of $50-$100 per engagement will help fund our speakers’ program. If you would like to support Fremont Stories, please send e-mail and ask about sponsorship and donation opportunities with Celebrate Fremont.

Q. I want to be a speaker. Will I receive any assistance in preparing my talk or materials?

A. Speakers Bureau participants will be offered opportunities to present their talks to the Heritage Team in an informal, a supportive environment during our regular monthly Heritage meetings where they will find a friendly crowd of listeners, receive positive feedback and constructive criticism.

Speakers may apply and receive reimbursement for covered costs from Celebrate Fremont to print/duplicate any graphics, slides, handouts or other supporting material to illustrate their talks. Speakers with topics or presentation formats that require a budget of greater than $75 may request a budget review from the Heritage Steering Committee. Reasonable Requests will be granted.

Q. Will speakers be paid?

A. Fremont Stories Speakers Bureau is an all-volunteer effort. Speakers donate their time to participate, and are not paid.

Q. How do I find out more and schedule a speaker?

A. You may request a speaker through our online request form, or print and return this form to: Heritage Team, c/o Museum of Local History 190 Anza Fremont CA 94539. You may also send e-mail or call (510) 623-7907 and leave a message for “Fremont Stories.”

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