Celebrate Fremont

A Guide to the Fremont Fundraiser

There are hundreds of people who attend Fremont fundraiser every year. If you’re the type of person who loves to support your local government, then there is a good chance that you’ll be attending this year’s fundraiser. Why?

Fremont is a beautiful city in Southern California. One of the main attractions of this town is the annual Fremont fundraiser. In a city known for its booming business and rising real estate prices, this is the best way to show support for a town that has maintained a steady, positive progress for over a hundred years.

While the city of Fremont is named after a Native American tribe, this fundraiser is not simply about supporting a Native American community. The goal of the fundraiser is to preserve this town’s historic property, while giving back to the community.

Preserving Fremont & Its History

The idea of the fundraiser is to raise money for the Fremont Independent Historical Society. This independent historic society preserves history in the town and encourages tourists and residents to visit the historical locations in the area. The fund raiser is for the upcoming history series and museum exhibits, while other events are being held during the month of June.

The fundraiser is only one of the events held during the month of June in the town of Fremont. The town itself is a major attraction as it boasts its restaurants, museums, shops, and much more. The town hosts a variety of different events throughout the year and can offer a much cheaper and comfortable venue than many of the larger venues that can be found around the country.

Fremont’s Outdoor Activities

For instance, Fremont’s event calendars feature two free concerts at one of the many public parks throughout the area. One of these is from the local stage bands such as the Sweet Chick, Amnesia, and the October Daye, which all have had great success with their live performances.

Those that enjoy the outdoors can take a hike at any one of the many outdoor festivals that are hosted in the town of Fremont. These events include arts and crafts, nature walks, and food courts.

In addition to these events, Fremont is also home to its fair. This popular event is organized by the Fremont Independent Historical Society.

In order to see this fair, you must first make a donation to the Fremont fundraiser. Your funds will go toward the upkeep of the historical societies in the town, as well as the children’s camp and the playground. There are also several other things that your money will go towards, such as fixing up old homes and establishing free public libraries in the community.

The other events held throughout the month of June are a great way to get out and enjoy some free photo opportunities. The Children’s Camp, for example, takes place at the Asa May Park.

  • This offers everything from arts and crafts to dancing to summer activities.
  • If you enjoy attending festivals and fundraisers, then the fundraiser in Fremont is a great way to provide a hand up to the community.
  • In fact, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself attending a fundraiser each year that can give you the opportunity to enjoy the event.