Derek Norris, Right Handed Pitcher For Oakland Athletics

Derek Norris, Right Handed Pitcher For Oakland Athletics

Oakland A’s’ Derek Norris is having one of the best seasons of his career. In fact, it has been one of the best years of his career by a long shot. For those of you who have watched him for a while now, this is not exactly a surprise.

Hope For The A’s

What most people know about Derek is that he has played for the Seattle area baseball team. If you have followed the A’s lately you will notice that he played for the Mariners in the mid 90’s. This is where his talents and skill set first came to the forefront.

When Nick Rollett signed Norris to a minor league contract, he was instantly impressed with the young pitcher. The confidence that Rollett felt from Norris convinced him to sign him for the majority of the season.

There are some things about Derek that stand out to the San Francisco Giants. These skills are a strong plus for a left handed pitcher. With an outstanding fastball and an effective change up, Norris is a great athlete that can dominate in any part of the field.

Perfection in Simplicity

He has very good pitch awareness that helps him keep track of his entire game plan. This is the secret that helps him have success in all aspects of the game. It is that simplicity that makes him so successful.

He is very cautious with his pitches and stays disciplined with the exact game plan. When he doesn’t have a specific plan, Norris will try to utilize the strengths of his arsenal and the type of pitch that will give him the results that he is looking for.

When the main goals are met, it does not matter what happens to the opposing batters. Norris is a pure old school pitcher who likes to pitch to contact hitters. He is the type of pitcher that is most likely to make contact with the ball when he has a consistent approach.

What makes Norris unique is that he utilizes multiple ways to do so. He throws different fastballs in a variety of counts and gets batters to swing and miss.

The main key is patience with which he can work on each pitch. His curveball is very deceptive because it has a lot of movement and can throw left-handed batters off their game.

It also has enough sink that hitters are not able to guess what is coming next. While it is not the most devastating pitch, it is one of the few tools he has and is a strikeout pitch as well.

  • When you look at the statistics of Derek Norris, he becomes apparent that he is not only throwing the best fastball in the majors, but that he is a very good pitcher overall.
  • The good thing is that he has been with the Oakland A’s.
  • He has also had some success with his hometown Mariners team.