Celebrate Fremont

Finances Who Needs This Book?

Fremont History is a great new book that tells the true story of what has happened in and around this historic town. On the surface, it seems as though this small but scenic California city in Southern Oregon has been neglected by history enthusiasts. The town itself was founded by Indian soldiers during the Gold Rush days in the 1850’s. The gold rush was more of a business decision than anything else.

Fremont – A Forgotten Town

After the gold rush and other events that caused some concern and controversy, the town seemed to become forgotten for a long time. It did not take long for some folks to realize that it was worth checking out. There are now several businesses in town that were started during that time.

What most people do not know about the town is that the City Hall was built right here in town. In fact, it is still the oldest building in town. Fremont was also noted for having the state’s first ordinance that banned alcoholic beverages at theaters. Since the beginning, there has been a bit of a free-spirited attitude with residents and some of the historians suggest this is what has brought Fremont back into the spotlight as a history buff’s dream.

The history in Fremont does not only include Indians or a gold rush. There are many stories and interesting facts that have happened during that time. Because of this, there are numerous places throughout town that are worth checking out. These include the historical society, a popular museum, museums and theatres, and a bank for financing that has been featured on several television shows and movies.

One of the places in town that should be visited on a regular basis is the California Heritage Museum. This is the home of the city’s first written ordinances. There is also the Historical Society, which will help you learn all about the early life of the Gold Rush. If you are interested in trading of Native American artifacts, then there is the Indian Arts Center. It is at this location that the City Hall was built and the first ordinance was passed.

Spots to Check Out

There are two downtown parks in Fremont that have a rich history as well. The Garden Theater is one of the oldest theaters in the entire state. The Theater Troupe is another well-known theater here in town.

There are many other places that are worth visiting in Fremont. There is the Balboa Park which is an excellent spot for a family outing. Or, you can just visit the Cafe Latte which was established in Fremont in the mid-1800’s.

If you are interested in living the historical life, then Fremont is the place for you. They have very friendly locals that are proud of their heritage. The people that live here are proud of their history, their culture, and their way of life. There are many people that are very happy to be here and you will not be disappointed.

You can find other places for food, shopping, and entertainment in the downtown area as well, also look at the financial services that are available which are also historical. There are plenty of things to do, especially when the weather is nice. The weather can vary from very warm in the summer months to cool in the winter months.

When you visit Fremont, you will be glad that you spent some time with the history. This city will blow your mind as it tells you the true history of this beautiful and peaceful town.

  • You will understand why Fremont has been chosen by so many people to live in.
  • As you go through all of the historical centers and attractions, you will get the full picture.
  • This will help you understand why this little town in Southern Oregon is now a center of interest.